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One of the most important aspects of a jewelry party (or any party plan business party for that matter) is how you display your product. A Jewelry party catalog is great to browse through but you need to have jewelry party product on hand for customers to touch, look at, and envision themselves wearing! How should your jewelry party display look? First, start with a beautiful and elegant table cloth. You can drape the cloth over the coffee table (preferable) at the jewelry party host’s home. Choose a mild, elegant pattern, maybe a silky material. I had numerous comments on a crème silk material I used as my display cloth; it was elegant and brought a great atmosphere to the party. Do not use any material too wild or busy because it will distract from your jewelry home party product. You can add depth to your display by placing a few boxes under the table cloth. Turn them tall, or on their side; make steps with the boxes and display jewelry pieces on them. This gives you depth to your jewelry party display instead of a flat surface for your product. The more appealing your make your jewelry home party display the more you will appeal to the jewelry home party guests.

One very important factor to remember when planning your Jewelry Home Party display is you don’t have to display EVERYTHING! You may bring all the pieces you have but keep some in your car or in your bag. Why? First off you don’t want to be dragging a lot of boxes or bags into your jewelry home party host’s home. It isn’t appealing to a future consultant if you make it look like hard work. Also, you need to beautifully display product at your jewelry parties that best applies to your guests. Bring all the hot items and bring hostess reward pieces (depending on how your program works). Display nicely the most relevant pieces at the jewelry home party and keep others on hand just incase someone asks, “Do you have this necklace I could see?”

Starting your jewelry home party with an elegant display gives you a leg up on the competition and a great start for high sales. Best of luck to you in this holiday season of jewelry home parties. Party on!

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